Professional Custom Filtration Solution Provider

Made to Order

We have full capabilities to provide you with best custom solutions from development, design and manufacturing aspects. We can meet all the filtration requirements in micron range.


Customization with Special Requirements

We can provide an array of metal materials and master a variety of processing technologies to meet the special requirements of filtration components in actual working environments.

Metal Materials

★ Stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel

★ Aluminum

★ Copper, bronze, brass

★ Monel, Hastelloy

Processing Capabilities

★ Cutting

★ Forming

★ Welding

★ Surface Treatment


In terms of R&D and design, we follow the principle of co-design, aiming to develop filtration components with higher performance and more suitable for actual applications.

We will appreciate your help if you are willing to provide the following information to our R&D team.

★ Your existing filtration systems and working environments.

★ Filtration media

★ Existing filtration  problems.

★ Your filtration component drawings.


Customization According to Samples

If you have samples, you can send them to us. We have years of manufacturing experience and expertise in filtration fields. In addition, we are familiar with the structure of metal filtration components and have the capabilities to produce filtration components of the same or even better quality according to samples.

We aim to provide our customers with best custom filtration solutions and deliver these superior solutions within limited period.

Contact us and make your own filtration solutions.