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Pleated filter element

There are two kinds of filter material . One is stainless steel sintered fiber web , Another is stainless steel weaving wire mesh.

Effective Filtration Area (per 10” length )
Pleated cartridge : 1.40ft2 (0.13㎡)
Cylindrical catraidge: 0.55ft2 (0.05㎡)

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DP-01 General Purpose Polypropylene Filter Cartridge

DP-01 Polypropylene (PP) filter cartridge is made from high quality Chinese / imported PP membrane. It combines low cost, high flow and relatively high retention rate.DP-01 is the most widely used filter cartridge in micro-porous precision filtration applications. 

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DP-02 High-precision Polypropylene Filter Cartridge

DP-02 high-precision polypropylene (PP) filter cartridge is made of multi-layer gradient rating PP membrane. It is the upgrade of DP-01.

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150HFF High Flow Rate Filter Cartridge

150HFF high flow rate filter cartridge is the substitute of PP melt blown filter and normal pleated filter cartridge for high flow rate working condition. It has multi-layer membranes with gradient filter rating. The dirty holding capacity, retention rate and life span is improved.

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LDPT Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Filter Cartridge

LDPT PTFE filter cartridge is absolute filter rating cartridge made from PTFE membrane. It has excellent resistance of organic and inorganic corrosive solutions and instinctive hydrophobicity.

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LDPG Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Filter Cartridge

LDPG PTFE filter cartridge is made from hydrophobic PTFE membrane. It is suitable for high flow velocity, low pressure drop and GMP standard gas sterilization applications.

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LPSD Asymmetric Polyethersulfone (PES) Membrane Filter Cartridge

-The sterilizing filter element with super high precision and high interception efficiency.

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FY- Filter Bags

FY filter bag has good chemical compatibility and heat resistance. It is relatively lowest cost comparing to the filtering effect and is the most widely used filter element for industrial filtration applications.

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PE Sintered Filter Cartridge

Excellent re-generation ability: It can be effectively backwashed and re-generated due to material property and sintered porous structure and can restore original property after backwashing.

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PA Sintered Filter Cartridge

PA sintered filter cartridge is made by sintering of the combination of high-molecular polyethylene and carbon fiber.

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CPLD Capsule Filter

CPLD capsule filter is suitable for small flow rate filtration (such as pharmaceutical, inkjet and specific industry, the waste of liquid is minor), 

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String Wound Filter Cartridge

String wound filter cartridge is made by winding mulitfilament ( Polypropylene, cotton, glass fiber) on the perforated inner core to a certain density. It is an indepth filtration cartridge.

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