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Duplex 2205 2507 stainless steel filter elements

Jan 22,2024

Duplex 2205 2507 stainless steel filter elements

Duplex 2205 2507  stainless steel material

Duplex 2507 is super stainless steel designed for critical applications which need excellent strength and corrosion resistance. It contains up to 26% chromium, 8% nickel and 5% molybdenum, which leads to outstanding resistance to pitting, crevice and general condition corrosion.

Duplex 2205 has less element content than 2507 and the overall corrosion resistance is lower.

Super duplex 2507 has outstanding resistance to chloride stress corrosion cracking. While it can keep high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion coefficient. It is also highly resistant to organic acids like formic and acetic acid.

904L stainless steel is designed for resistance of pure sulfuric acid. However, when handling with dilute sulfuric acid mixed with chloride ions, 2507 outperforms 904L in corrosion resistance.

2507 can also be used in dilute hydrochloric acid, which will severely corrode 316L stainless steel.

2507 super duplex stainless steel is primarily used in seawater related applications, chemical processing and other chloride environment.

Duplex 2205 2507  stainless steel filter elements

Due to the limit of the wire and mesh availability on the market, 2507 wire mesh and sintered wire mesh are only available in several micron rating, such as 50, 100, 150, 200 micron. Please feel free to contact us and check if others available.

Duplex 2507 stainless steel perforated metal sheet / tube and wedge wire filter element are the primary filter elements available in wide range. Filter tube screens for automatic self-cleaning filter are the most popular filter elements for filtration applications. Other elements such as basket strainer and filter cartridge / candle are also common for demanding applications handling tough chemicals.

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