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2 layer stainless steel sintered wire mesh

Jan 22,2024

2 layer stainless steel sintered wire mesh

2 layer sintered wire mesh is a popular kind of stainless steel sintered mesh for filtration and aeration applications.

We know single layer sintered wire mesh has non fraying mesh: no wire migration while cutting, abrasion, folding and pleating. And the pore shape and size of the sintered wire mesh are fixed as the wires are diffusion bonded with each other and the mesh becomes a whole part.

2 layer sintered wire mesh for better performance

2 layer sintered wire mesh has the same single layer property, while it can also combine the property of the 2 layer mesh and give a comprehensive better performance. The better performance is often in the strength. One layer functions as the main working layer while the other is the supporting or reinforcing layer.

2 layer sintered wire mesh for higher strength

The working layer is often finer square weave mesh or Dutch weave filter mesh, which is often thin and too weak to form a tube or disc by itself. The supporting layer can be coarse square weave mesh or perforated metal sheet. Coarse square weave mesh has large opening rating and with light weight. Perforated metal sheet is versatile with hole size, hole shape, hole pattern, opening rating and thickness. It is the ideal material for high pressure applications like disc filter and strainer filter.

2 layer sintered wire mesh for pore distribution

Another combined performance of the two layer sintered wire mesh is changing the flow direction through the filter media. One typical application is the type D sintered mesh for fluidizing bed. 2 layer of Dutch weave filter mesh is aligned with 90 degree difference. The flow path is converted and distributed into a uniform diffusing way.

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