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Jan 22,2024

Metal filter candle for candle filter

Filter candle is the candle shape replaceable filter element used in candle filter. Filter candle is often long and thin, with connecter to ease the installation.

Jan 22,2024

2 layer stainless steel sintered wire mesh

2 layer sintered wire mesh has the same single layer property, while it can also combine the property of the 2 layer mesh and give a comprehensive better performance.

Jan 22,2024

Sintered wire mesh composite with sintered metal fiber felt

Sintered wire mesh does normally consist of wire cloth (mesh), Dutch weave filter mesh and perforated metal sheet. However metal fiber web ( sintered metal fiber felt) can also be sintered with wire mesh.

Jan 22,2024

Filter rating & material of all welded stainless steel filter cartridges

While 310S (for high temperature), 904L (for high corrosion resistant) and Duplex 2205 / 2507 (higher strength and corrosion resistance) stainless steel are also applied in some demanding applications.

Jan 22,2024

All welded stainless steel filter cartridges

All welded stainless steel filter cartridges are widely used in applications where non-metallic filter cartridges can not work well. They can be high pressure, high temperature

Jan 22,2024

Industrial filter elements manufacturer

Industrial filters play important role in industrial process. Filters include cartridge filter, bag filter, basket strainer, automatic screen filter, disc/ nutsche filter, etc.

Jan 22,2024

310 stainless steel sintered wire mesh filter elements

310 310S stainless steel sintered wire mesh filter elements use multi-layer customized sintered mesh to stop the particles from entering the element.

Jan 22,2024

Duplex 2205 2507 stainless steel filter elements

Duplex 2507 is super stainless steel designed for critical applications which need excellent strength and corrosion resistance. It contains up to 26% chromium, 8% nickel and 5% molybdenum

Jan 22,2024

904L stainless steel sintered wire mesh and filter elements

904L stainless steel sintered wire mesh is made by 904L (EN 1.4539) super austenitic stainless steel material. Stainless steel 904L is mainly used for moderate to high corrosive working condition.

Jan 22,2024

Stainless steel pleated filter cartridge vs. cylindrical filter cartridge

Stainless steel filter cartridge is the filter element made of stainless steel filter media and hardware, and which is in the shape of tube or cylinder working as cartridge.

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